The jubilee conference in commemoration of acad.E.M.Sergeev (to the 100th birthday)

The jubilee conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of academician E.M.Sergeev - an outstanding Soviet and Russian engineering geologist - was held on March 20-21, 2014, in Moscow. This event was organized by the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the problems in environmental geoscience, engineering geology, and hydrogeology in collaboration with the Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS and the Department of Engineering and Ecological Geology at the Moscow State University. The Organizing Committee of the Conference was co-chaired by academician V.A.Sadovnichii, rector of the Moscow State University, and academician N.P.Laverov, member of Presidium RAS. Director IEG RAS academician V.I. Osipov and the head of the department of engineering and ecological geology MSU Prof. V.T. Trofimov were also in charge of this event. The two-day-long celebration events included the jubilee meeting in commemoration of academician E.M.Sergeev, where his former colleagues and students shared their remembrances of him with the guests. The working language of the Conference was Russian. The meeting was opened by the rector of MSU academician V.A. Sadovnichii. The plenary reports were delivered by V.I. Osipov and V.T. Trofimov, both being the former students of academician E.M.Sergeev. Next, the oral presentations were given by M.L.Voronova, Prof. V.M. Shvets, Prof. A.B.Rubin, Prof. S.P.Gorshkov, Dr. I.V. Dudler, as well as by the former foreign students of academician E.M.Sergeev, i.e., Dr. Kiril Angelov (Bulgaria), Prof. K.Kozhobaev, Dr. Sh. E. Usupaev, Dr. B.D. Moldobekov (Kirgizia), Kh.L. Rakhmatullaev (Uzbekistan). The written greetings were announced that had been received by the Organizing Committee of the Conference from IAEG President Prof. Carlos Delgado and Prof. Faquan Wu, General Secretary IAEG the Chinese national group IAEG.

To the 100th anniversary of E.M.Sergeev a special medal was established by the Department of Engineering and Ecological Geology at MSU and the Sergeev’s Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS - “ The Sergeev Medal” - to be awarded to scientists who have made a significant contribution to engineering geology. The medal will be awarded annually on March 23 (the birthday of E.M.Sergeev, coincided with the day of his death). The following professionals became the first recipients of this medal: Prof. V.P. Anan’ev, Ass.Prof. K. Angelov (Bulgaria), Dr. V.V.Baulin, Prof. G.K.Bondarik, Prof. I.P.Ivanov, Dr. V.D.Kazarnovskii, Dr. N.S.Krasilova, acad. Prof. V.I.Osipov, and Prof. V.T. Trofimov.

At the jubilee meeting, the materials published to this event were presented. These items include: the book of reminiscences written by E.M. Sergeev “A glance though years” (“Vzglyad skvoz gody”; Moscow, GEOS Publishers, 2014, 478 pp., in Russian); digitized selected scientific papers by E.M.Sergeev in 3 volumes (3 CD-roms); a full scanned version of scientific journal “Engineering geology” published by the USSR Academy of Science in 1979-1992 (E.M.Sergeev, Editor-in-Chief and Founder), CD-disk. These products were distributed between the participants of the conference; and now they are available at the website of IEG RAS (

The second day of the jubilee events (March 21, 2014) involved the scientific conference “The Sixteenth Sergeev’s readings. Evolution of academician Sergeev’s scientific ideas at the present stage”. The conference included 5 oral sections: 1.Soil and rock engineering, soil and rock mechanics and reclamation; 2.Engineering geological classifications of soils and rocks; 3. Regional engineering geological, hydrogeological and geocryological studies; 4.Combined studies of geological environment for solving geoecological problems; 5.Methodology and methods of research in engineering geology and environmental geoscience. A total of 28 oral presentations were given, among them 5 invited reports presented by: V.I. Osipov (IEG RAS) “Development of E.M.Sergeev’s ideas in soil and rock engineering”; V.V.Dmitriev (Russian State Geological Prospecting University) Taxonomy aspects in classification of soils and rocks; V.T.Trofimov (MSU) E.M.Sergeev as an organizer of regional engineering geological studies. Their results and development at the present stage; V.A.Korolev (MSU) Development of E.M.Sergeev’s ideas about geological environment and its role in solving ecological problems; E.A. Voznesenskii and A.V.Brushkov (MSU) Experimental methods in the study of soils and rocks upon engineering geological and geocryology survey. State-of-art.

All contributions submitted and accepted to the conference were included to its Proceedings volume (Sergeevskie chteniya, vyp. 16 (Moscow, RUDN, 2014, 674 pp). The publication as financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 13-05-06205). More than 340 participants from 7 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands) took part in the conference.

A high interest to this conference proved that the scientific ideas of academician E.M.Sergeev are being developed, and the memory of this outstanding scholar is alive in the hearts of his pupils and followers.

Documents available on-line:

  1. Book of reminiscences by E.M. Sergeev “A glance though years” (in Russian)

  2. E.M.Sergeev. Selected scientific papers. Volume 1. Soil and rock engineering. CD-disk (in Russian)

  3. E.M.Sergeev. Selected scientific papers. Volume 2. General issues of engineering geology and geoenvironment protection. CD-disk (in Russian)

  4. E.M.Sergeev. Selected scientific papers. Volume 3. Text books for students. (1982, 1983). CD-disk (in Russian)

  5. Scanned copies of the journal “Engineering geology” (1979-1992) in Russian.

  6. E.M.Sergeev’s medal

  7. Proceedings of Scientific Conference “Sixteenth Sergeev’s Readings”

  8. Congratulation by IAEG President Prof. Carlos DELGADO

  9. Congratulation by IAEG General Secretary Prof. Faquan WU

  10. Video about the jubilee meeting on March 21, 2014, Moscow State University, Geological faculty

  11. Photos of the conference

  12. Documentary film about E.M.Sergeev (amateur archive)