Internaitonal Year of Planet Earth: the tasks in environmental geoscience, engineering geology and hydrogeology

The tenth conference in commemoration academician Evgenii M. Sergeev
"Internaitonal Year of Planet Earth: the tasks in environmental geoscience,
engineering geology and hydrogeology"
Moscow, March 20-21

The tenth annual scientific conference Sergeev's readings "International Year of Planet Earth: Tasks for Environmental Geoscience, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology" was held in Moscow on March 20-21, 2008. This conference is treated as the annual meeting of Scientific Council RAS for the problems in environmental geoscience, engineering geology and hydrogeology. It is held in commemoration of the outstanding Soviet and Russian scholar, the founder of the Russian school of engineering geology, and the pioneer in environmental geodscience development, past President IAEG, academician Evgenii Mikhailovich Sergeev (1914-1997), whose name was awarded to the Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS in 2007. The jubilee conference of 2008 was held within the framework of the Russian national program of the International Year Planet Earth declared by UN on the initiative of IUGS for 2007-2009 running under the logo "Earth Sciences for Society". The Science Programme of the International Year consists of 10 broad, societally relevant and multidisciplinary themes: health, climate, groundwater, ocean, soils, deep Earth, megacities, hazards, resources, and life. The Tenth Conference "Sergeev's reading" was aimed at emphasizing the role of engineering geology, environmental geoscience and hydrogeology in the investigations on these topics.
The two-day conference program was split in two parts. The first day was devoted to the invited reports by the leading Russian scientists on key problems in engineering geology, hydrogeology, and geocryology, namely, Academician RAS V.I. Osipov, Prof. G.K. Bondarik, Drs. V.M. Kutepov, I.S. Zektser, and G.Z. Perlshtein. In addition, the presentation "Is the thermal pollution of the earth a man-induced hazard?"was made by the Russian winner of the IYPE Student Contest, the participant of the IYPE Global Launch Event D.A. Khristoforova, the undergraduate student of the Kazan State University.
A 1.5-day-long youth session was held after the end of the plenary meeting, where 32 reports of undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as young scientists under 35 years old were delivered. The oral reports (selected from 113 papers submitted to the conference) covered the following topics:
1. Soil and rock engineering, mechanics, and improvement.
2. Hazardous natural and human-induced geological processes.
3. Geoenvironmental and engineering geological problems in urban and industrial areas.
4. Geoenvironmental problems in hydrogeology.
5. Development of research methods and techniques.

More than 170 participants (representatives of Moscow, Kazan, Kuban and Voronezh state universities, St. Petersburg and Ural state mining institutes, divisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, various production organizations, etc.) attended the conference.
The papers accepted at the conference were published in the proceedings volume “Sergeevskie chteniya. Vypusk 10.” (Moscow, GEOS Publishers, 2008, 525 pp.), the CD-version of which is also available.

Olga N. Eremina,
Conference Secretary