The main research problems solved in the institute are as follows: 

  • Development of theory and methods of predicting and monitoring natural and human-induced disasters.

  • Fundamental problems of ground-water development and dynamics; resources, utilization and protection of ground water.

  • Development of the theory of soil and rock properties formation and transformation under the effect of natural and anthropogenic factors.

  • Development of fundamentals of geodynamic, seismic, and engineering-geological zonation

  • Development of geoenvironmental principles of disposal and remote monitoring of large industrial objects and waste repositories

  • Geoenvironmental problems on the territory of Moscow and other megacities

  • Development of geoinformation technologies and the methods of processing cartographic information for solving geoenvironmental problems

IEG RAS is engaged in performing the following priority research in the Earth Sciences:

  • "Environmental Geology",

  • "Resources, Dynamics, and Protection of Ground Water",

  • "Geodynamics, Stress State of the Bowels, and Disastrous Processes",

  • "Geoinformatics",

  • "Environment Research and Monitoring".

IEG RAS participates in carrying out

  • state programs "Development of Federal System of Seismic Monitoring", "Volga River Revival", "Complex Development of Russia Territory Adjacent to the Caspian Sea";

  • state scientific technical subprograms "Safety" and "Global Changes";

  • municipal scientific technical program "Safety of Moscow".

Completed Research Ready for Use in Practice

  1. Computer software for building three-dimension models of pollutant percolation and transfer in ground water.

  2. Computer software of automatic interpretation of aerial and space survey data.

  3. Method of quarry-water purification.

  4. Procedure of inspection and control of underground pipe-line state on the basis of electric survey of corrosion.

  5. Method of the assessment structural unconformity of geological layers affecting the stress state of the Earth's crust and the method of selecting zones of high-stress and geodynamic activity.

  6. Method "Geocomposite" for strengthening of weak soils in basements of buildings.