International projects

  1. EC project within the INCO-Copernicus Program "Radionuclide Contamination of Soils and Rocks at the site of Radioactive Waste Disposal at Mayak Industrial Association and within the Areas Subjected to the Chernobyl Accident: Field Data Analysis and Modeling".
  2. INTAS grant "Study of mass exchange processes in multiple porosity media with application to saline water and brine transport in aquifers".
  3. Bilateral agreement with the Poland Academy of Science "Assessment and Prevention of Geoenvironmental Hazards from Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters Influencing the Sustainable Development of Environmental-Economic Systems".
  4. "Geological and geophysical stability in Urbanized Areas" (Bilateral agreement with BRGM, France).
  5. Landslide hazard Assessment and Mitigation for Cultural Heritage Sites and Other Locations of High Society Value" International project N425 of International Geological Correlation Program (IGCP).
  6. Bistro-TACIS Project "Prevention of geoecological and technogenical problems in Moscow".
  7. INTAS grant "Effects of MHD-Generated Electromagnetic Discharges on the Seismic Regime".
  8. IEG RAS participates in the Blue Stream project aimed at the engineering- geological monitoring of the Russia-Turkey pipeline on the Black Sea bed.
  9. Joint Russia-Japan project "Influence of clay mineralogy and ground water chemistry on mechanism of landslides".
  10. Russia-Italy project "Three-dimensional modeling of an aquifer" ("Modeling of an aquifer for industrial territories"). 

Meeting prof. Eduardo de Mulder, President of the International Union of Geological Sciences and academician N.P. Laverov, Vice-President of the RAS, Chairman of National committee of geologists of Russian Federation. 

Dr. Svalova V.B. EGS General Assembly, Nice, France, 2002. 

4-14 of March, 2009, Russia-India Workshop "Mitigation of Natural and Human Induced Disasters" took place in India